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Ancient Greek Tragedy and the THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities)

30th March 2016 @ 18:00 - 21:00



Jocasta Classical Reception Greece (http://jocasta.upatras.gr/) is pleased to organise, as part of the course Reception of Ancient Greek Drama, a lecture and discussion with director/actor Vasilis Oikonomou and theatrologist/actor Panos Zournatzidis on “Ancient Greek Tragedy and the THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities)”. The lecture and discussion will take place on Wednesday March 30 2016  (Lecture Room 1st Floor, Library and Information Center (LIS), University of Patras, Greece). Vasilis Oikonomou (BA in Dramatic Art (Athens), BA in History and Archaeology (Athens), MA in Theatre Studies (Patras), currently PhD candidate in History and Archaeology (Athens)) is the founder of the first professional theatrical group for people with disabilities (THE.AM.A) in Greece. Panos Zournatzidis is one of the first members of THE.AM.A, an actor and a theatrologist who also acted as an assistant director in THE.AM.A’s 2015 production of Ionesco’s Jacob, or the Submission.The professional theatrical group for people with mainly physical disabilities has organised since its inaugural establishment in 2010 a series of performances and theatrical workshops in Greece and abroad.

THE.AM.A has developed over the years a particular interest in re-workings of Ancient Greek myths and tragedies. In 2010 it produced a stage interpretation of the myth of Lamia based on the literary adaptation Lina AbdulHamid’s work. In 2012 an improvisational performance of Sophocles’ Electra in two parts was presented (a. video-art: “Electra mourning” and b. an improvised version of the “recognition scene” between Electra and Orestes). A monologue adaptation of Sophocles’ Philoctetes was performed on December 3rd, the International Day of People with Disability. THE.AM.A is currently working on two forthcoming performances (summer 2016): The Deserts: Kassandra-Philoctetes (based on Lykophron’s Alexandra and Sophocles’ Philoctetes relatively) and Aeschylus’ Persians.

During the Jocasta Classical Reception Greece lecture “Ancient Greek Tragedy and the THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities)” director and actor Vasilis Oikonomou and theatrologist and actor Panos Zournatzidis are going to analyse how ancient Greek tragedy and its imaginative reconfigurations constitute an inspiring and empowering tool for the articulation and negotiation of issues related to the everyday experience and human rights of people with disabilities onstage and offstage. The lecture will be preceded by a short presentation of Sophocles’ Philoctetes and current research debates. The lecture will be followed by a discussion with the students and the THE.AM.A members.

Because of the limited number of available seats (35) please prebook your seat electronically here, should you wish to attend the event.


Ancient Greek Tragedy and the THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities)


30th March 2016
18:00 - 21:00


Lecture Room 1st Floor, LIS, University of Patras


Jocasta Classical Reception Greece
Vasilis Oikonomou
Panos Zournatzidis