The Way We Are

Ανεμώλια του Ισίδωρου Ζουργού (2011)

The Way We Are* by Isidoros Zourgos (2011)


*Original title: Anemōlia.  ἀνεμώλιος = Homeric adjective literally meaning ‘windy, of the wind or windlike,’ used only figuratively, meaning ‘words of the wind,’ or ‘(done) in vain’ (cf. entries in LSJ and DGE).

The Way We Are is a novel about male friendship and about getting away from it all. A group of childhood friends in their mid-forties sail away in the beginning of a summer, leaving their lives and families far behind. Through the adventures of this voyage and the narrator’s fluid memory emerge the characters of these five men against the turmoil of the last thirty years in Greece. The Way We Are is a modern Odyssey in which the heroes attempt to evade male despair and isolation by breaking away from a stifling everyday life in search for timeless youth and beauty. (Blurb in



Δ. Μαστρογιαννίτης στο Athens Voice (7/9/2011).

Κώστας Σπαθαράκης & Ισίδωρος Ζουργός στην Ελευθεροτυπία – Βιβλιοθήκη (26/3/2011).


Author’s Interviews

στον Γ. Κουλουβάρη στο (21/3/2012).


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«Ανεμώλια, του Ι. Ζουργού» στο biblionet (with links to more reviews in Greek).

The Way We Are