Medea Never Danced

Η Μήδεια δεν χόρεψε ποτέ, Πασχαλία Τραυλού (2014)

Medea Never Danced, Paschalia Travlou (2014)




Four different people, a psychologist, a painter, a writer and a bohemian lawyer surround Emilia Strataki, the central character, who is accused of the murder of her children and is therefore regarded as a contemporary Medea. Subversive truths, buried secrets and the alternation of the characters in the roles of the victim and the victimiser lead to catharsis and an unpredictable end.



E. Αρτζανίδου, στο Think Free (24/08/2014)

Α. Γαβρίλη, στο (6/7/2014)

Medea Never Danced