Fires of Judas, Ashes of Oedipus

Φωτιές του Ιούδα, στάχτες του Οιδίποδα, Ρέα Γαλανάκη (2009)

Fires of Judas, Ashes of Oedipus, Rea Galanaki (2009)



The arrival of a young Greek Jew female teacher at a mountain village in Crete in the year 2000 and the Easter folk custom of burning Judas trigger an exploration of contemporary remote societies in the island and the unfolding of an old Cretan tradition which makes Biblical Judas the inheritor of mythical Oedipus’ fate.  In a setting full of conflicts and contradictions, the young woman searches for the roots of her troubled family history while the myths of Judas and Oedipus serve as a means to explore the inflexible structures of remote mountain societies.


Author’s Interviews

“Η δασκάλα και ο βοσκός”, Το Βήμα (1/11/2009)

«Οι μύθοι δεν έχουν χρονικό ορίζοντα», (14/3/2011)



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Ε. Κοτζιά στην Καθημερινή (7/2/2010).

Κ. Κατσουλάρης στο Book Press (14/2/2010).


More info

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Fires of Judas, Ashes of Oedipus