Gods in Crisis

George Melissaropoulos (Meliss), Gods in Crisis (Amazon Kindle, 2015)

Giorgos Melissaropoulos (Meliss), Nom de Zeus (M’edite, 2015)

Γιώργος Μελισσαρόπουλος (Meliss), Θεοί σε κρίση (Webcomics, 2016)

Gods in Crisis_Thermopylae toll

Olympus is going through an economic crisis as the gods have spent all the money. The International Monetary God demands austerity measures from them, in order to be saved. So they start by interfering with famous myths and stories, like putting tolls in Thermopylae, taxing the Labyrinth and more. Humans find those measures impossible to bear and the Philosophers convince them to take down Olympus. The God Hermes will try everything he can, in order to save Olympus and also himself… (Blurb on the artist’s website)


Artist’s Interviews:

to Indie Comic Source (10/9/2015).

to Marie Verdier in La Croix (15/02/2016) (in French).

Gods in Crisis