Classics and Graffiti / Γκραφιτι

Greek Antiquity on the City’s Walls


graffiti”System of a Fraud” by INO (Athens, Greece 2013).

Source: INO

More info: Giulia Blocal, “Athens: Street Art Guide #1,” Street Art Europe5 Feb. 2015.



Source: Vagelis Vagianos, “Athens Street Art Festival 2013,” Athens Voice, 20 June 2013.



Aristotle‘Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime’ – Aristotle.
Graffiti in the Exarchia district of Athens.

Source: Damian Mac Con Uladh, “Greece is the Only EU Country without Guaranteed Minimum Income, Report Finds”, A Gael in Greece, 26 Sept. 2014.



Acropolis_graffiti“Lost in Acropolis” by SimpleG (Greece),
on the wall of a bistrot-chocolaterie near the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Source: Graffiti in Athens



Source: “Hercules slaying the Hydra, graffiti, Athens, Greece,” Aristotle, Guide in Greece, 28 Nov. 2013.


185124g-piraeus-graffiti-640x853”We have the power” by INO. Sponsored by National Geographic (Piraeus Port, Greece 2015).

Source: ΙΝΟ

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Classics and Graffiti / Γκραφιτι