Photos / Φωτογραφιες (2015)

Our class 3In Red: Introducing the “hot” subject of the Reception of Classical Texts.


our classEfstathia Athanasopoulou on Martindale’s “Redeeming the Text”: Considering her enthusiasm redeeming the text is a piece of cake!


Our class 4Constantina Papaioannou & Vana Tsichla on Classical Reception on Screen: VSS (=Very Serious Stuff).


Our class 2Gesthimani Seferiadi on J. Cocteau’s The Infernal Machine: NSSS (=Not So Serious Stuff).


photo_2015_3In the seminar room for our ‘Oedipuses’. Expectations are highly raised.


photo_2015_4Katerina Moroni pointing to the screen during her analysis of Dennis Villeneuve’s Incendies (2010)


photo_2015_5Maria Chorafa presenting Koutras and Evangelidis’ Strella (2009)


photo_2015_2After our ‘Oedipuses’: Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus (Efimia Karakantza), Pasolini’s Edipo Re (Vasilis Arapis), and the reception of Oedipus Tyrannus in Koutras and Evangelidis’ Strella (2009) (Maria Chorafa) and Dennis Villeneuve’s Incendies (2010) (Katerina Moroni).


Our class 6Andreas Filippopoulos on Lars Von Trier’s Medea. “I’d rather bleed behind a shield / than bearing a man’s children”. VSS (=Very Serious Stuff).


Our class 1Alexandros Velaoras on Brecht’s Antigone. Tragedy and Politics. VSS (=Very Serious Stuff).


photo_2015_1We have just finished discussing Antigone: From Sophocles to Lacan (Efimia Karakantza) and Brecht’s Antigone (Alexandros Velaoras). With our guest, James Andrews, Professor of Classics, visiting us from the University of Ohio in Athens, OH (Department of Classics and World Religions).


photo_2015_7Efstathia Athanasopoulou in the action. Her ‘cup of tea’: Antigone on the post-colonial world stage: examining The Island by Athol Fugard. Happiness is in the air. On the foreground Akis Nikolopoulos.


Our class 7All in circle: Tzo Kakoudaki in the middle giving instructions during her workshop on Aristophanes’ The Birds.


Our class 8Still in circle: Alexandros Frantzis in the middle and most of the Jocastians around him in awe.


image_class_19Celebrating after Tzo Kakoudaki’s seminar on Aristophanes’ The Birds. Beers are in order.


Photos / Φωτογραφιες (2015)