Photos / Φωτογραφιες (2016)


The director/ actor Vasilis Oikonomou and the theatrologist/ actor Panos Zournatzidis analyze how ancient Greek tragedy and its imaginative reconfigurations constitute an inspiring tool for the articulation of issues related to the human rights of people with disabilities onstage and offstage. (P.S.: A day without laughter is a day wasted.).


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Celebrating after the lecture of Oikonomou and Zournatzidis on “Ancient Greek Tragedy and the THE.AM.A.” (Theatre for people with disabilities), that took place during the ”Reception of Ancient Greek Drama” course.


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Efimia Karakantza making an introduction to the mythical narratives incorporated in the context of ancient Greek polis. Case studies: Sophocles’ Philoctetes and Euripides’ Bacchae.



Smiling faces all over the classroom: Photo shooting after the inspiring lecture of the director Sotiris Karamesinis on ”The Bacchae in the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro”.



Anastasia Vasilopoulou presenting A different love story in 2009 Athens (Koutras and Evangelidis’ Strella, 2009) and Anastasia Lekka on Lars Von Trier’s Medea.



The ”Reception of Ancient Greek Drama” course means not only stydying but also having fun. Most of the Jocastians in the foreground, before Alexandros Velaoras’ presentation on the reception of Euripides’ Hippolytus#Selfie/ing



A breath away from the summer vacation, Dionisis Sarantopoulos, Anastasia Lekka, Alexandros Frantzis and Anastasia Vasilopoulou are posing for Marietta Kotsafti. Inside or outside the classroom, a bright smile is necessary.



Efimia Karakantza playing with the camera before our last ”Reception of Ancient Greek Drama” course (2015-2016) begins.



The lesson is about to start. Efimia Karakantza (giving us a hint before the Symposium) ‘reads’ Posthumanism in Sophocles’ Antigone in the light of Nemes’ The Son of Saul. Her excitement cannot be measured.



All in circle, during Georgina Kakoudaki’s (director and theatrologist) workshop, entitled: «Δημόσιον σῆμα: History through the Narrative of the Polis». No one seems prepared for what is to follow.


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The ideal way to end a wonderful semester. The fondest memories are made when gathering around the table.

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Photos / Φωτογραφιες (2016)