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NeurOdyssey: “The Soul Is Like a Dream”



In her version of the Odyssey, Mania Papadimitriou likens Odysseus’ return journey to Ithaca to a journey into the human brain.  This journey ends up with the realisation that we are not in absolute control of ourselves and our efforts to be reconciled with this realisation.  Odysseus is the conscience, his companions are the senses and the neurons, the theatre is the human organism and the passe-pARTout theatrical troupe is the ship.

The Script:


Director’s Interview:

ελ, episode 55: In the third part of the programme (07:18-10:44), Mania Papadimitriou is talking about NeurOdyssey.



Hellenic Society for Neurosciences

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Classics and Science / Επιστημη